Rules & Regulations

Rules: For using the Library

A book can be kept for one week only. However, renewal will be allowed.

Books borrowed from the library must be returned directly to the librarian. They must be circulated.

If any defect is noticed in a book that is being borrowed, the librarian should be notified.

Fines will be imposed for damage done to books borrowed from the library.

A fine of Rs. 2/- per week must be paid for every book returned late.

No book may be retained during Summer Puja or Winter Vacations.

Children are encouraged to make proper use of library to enrich them.

Rules: Computer Room

Observe strict silence in the computer room and remove shoes before entering the room.

Take nothing into the computer room without prior permission of the teacher. No DVDs/CDs or Pen drives are to be brought to the computer room.

The computer is a very delicate and expensive machine. Damages made must be paid for by the student concerned.

Report immediately any kind of defect or damage any kind of defect or damage so that prompt action may be taken and the machine is available or the next user.