Dynamic Education


In Hooghly Modern School, we are trying to build-up the right environment that can set off the process of unlocking the infinite energy of Knowledge, Wisdom, Awareness, Realization and Self-actualization. It is a sincere effort by the school to make the children globally acceptable.

The objective of Hooghly Modern School is to develop into a school that:

  • Allows all students to access the curriculum fully, through a differentiated approach to teaching which encourages all students to participate fully in the learning process.
  • Encourage and motivates students to achieve their full potential whilst recognizing and complimenting their efforts, achievements and success.
  • Develops personal qualities such as honesty, integrity and compassion.
  • Supports its staff and values their commitment to their responsibilities, the pupils, and to the school.
  • Provides a safe and caring environment which promotes teacher and student interaction.
  • Through its activities both in and out of the classroom students develop qualities such as leadership, teamwork, responsibility and self-confidence.

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