Primary Section

Our primary section provides full time places for children the ages of 2-4 years. From Nursery till class-II the curriculum is play based. Through joyful group learning experience, exploration, discovery and experimentation, children learn how to learn.

They develop basic skills of communication viz., speaking, writing, reading, calculating and creative art.
The study skills of scientific and methodical learning viz., observation, classification, estimation, analytic reasoning and cause-effect relationships.
The social skills of wholesome interaction with their peers viz., cooperation, sharing and mutual respect.

Senior Section

In our Senior Section home-work is important in its own

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right and is treated as normal and regular aspect of school life. Its purpose is to provide activities which link work in the class-room to planned activities at home, thus encouraging parental involvement in students learning.

Student’s progress is continually assessed through standard assessment tests and parents are kept aware of their child development through progress reports and parental meeting. We respect and try to implement all constructive suggestions of parents.

School Uniform

Every student must wear a clean, complete and correct uniform daily. Defaults may be fined.

For Girls

Sky blue shirt, deep navy blue pleated skirt, white pleated skirt on P.T. days.
Navy blue with sky blue striped tie, black shoes (Ballerian) and white socks, white keds on P.T days.
Navy blue pullover or cardigan for winter.

For Boys

Sky blue shirt, deep navy blue trousers/shorts, white trousers/shorts on P.T. days.
Deep navy blue with sky blue strip tie, black shoes (with lace) and white keds on P.T. days.
Navy blue pullover or cardigan for winter.