Principal’s Desk

We strongly believe that an academic institution meant for students at the formative stage of their life can shape the destiny of a nation. Young ones brought up with care and affection in a school plays a vital role in the task of nation building. The teachers of our school are silent workers, striving continually, keeping this ideal in mind. The strength of our school lies in the reciprocal relationship aloha porn existing between the teachers and their taught. Even the non-teaching staff and guardians stand by us in the hour of crisis to sustain the academic atmosphere prevailing in our campus. It is a matter of great joy to watch that that the precedence set by our respected senior teachers is emulate by the teachers of new generation.

We have ensured personal care for the students as it draws the line of demarcation between a good school and an excellent one. The success of our experiment is a constant source of encouragement for all. The teachers of our school are the friend, philosopher and guide of our students. This has brought about the meteoric rise of our school. We prepare our students for Madhyamik Examination; conducted by W.B.B.S.E. Brilliant performance of our students in the last few years has enabled our school to acquire a place of honor and dignity not only in the district but also in West Bengal.

In our school, the students can fine-tune their heart by taking part in different co-curricular activities. Our students actively participate aloha porn in various inter-school events and have won prestigious position in a number of district as well as state-level competitions, thereby proving their excellence in creative writing, painting, music, dance quizzing, debating, science-exhibition and sports. We have a library staked with valuable reference books on all subjects and a good number of English, Bengali as well as Hindi story books.

The introduction of computer application as compulsory subject from Class I onward is a move in the right direction. The onward march of our school in the path of progress is going on. It is challenge to the skill of our teachers. We hope that this challenge will bring the best out of them and their quest for excellence will continue.